Once you have hired me, we will schedule a planning appointment at your home. Here I will get a chance to see your home and what type of available light I will have to work with. I also like to meet the kids at this appointment so they will feel a little more comfortable with me on the day of your session. We will go over what activities you would like to capture during your session and discuss how to best accomplish that in the time scheduled. I will give you tips on how to prepare your home, suggestions on what to wear and answer any questions you may have.


During your session, my goal is to capture real interactions between you and your family. While I will be visible and navigating my shots around you, I won't direct you. I'm there to document you and your family and your authentic relationships. I encourage you to not feel guarded around my camera. When Mom and Dad are relaxed, it sends the message to your kids, that it's okay for them to just be themselves, and that's exactly what we want! So if your family naturally breaks out in twerking contests, pillow fights, or rap battles, please, by all means, carry on! At most I will remind you not to look at me. :)


When your images have been edited and are ready to view, we will schedule an in-home ordering appointment. At this appointment you will be presented with a beautiful slideshow of your session images. At this time, you will select the images for your album and/or print collections. You will also be able to order additional prints and products at a discounted rate during this appointment.


Finally, once your album, prints and other products are ready, I will set up a time to personally deliver them to you. You will look everything over, start to cry because of how moved you are by seeing your beautiful family in this way. We'll hug, then I'll start to cry, then we'll both compose ourselves and just go ahead and set up your next documentary session, because how could we not want to do this again, right?!