I'm Jess Wilson, and I'm so happy you are here! I've been a wedding and portrait photographer in Northeast Florida since 2007. In the past ten years, I have been lucky enough to photograph some of the most beautiful, kind and loving couples, their weddings, and later, their growing families.


I think that weddings bring together all of the best parts of life, the things that we live for. Love, family, friends, tradition and emotion. At each wedding, I am privileged to witness the joyful laughter and the bittersweet tears, the full spectrum of human emotions, I see it all. 


It is such an honor to be trusted with capturing the most important day in a couples life, and then to continue to capture all of their future milestones as their family grows. I absolutely love meeting and getting to know all of these sweet babies! There truly is magic in childhood and capturing those fleeting stages, and ever changing expressions is such a pleasure for me!


I am a collector of all of these priceless life moments, and I can't wait to share what I see with you.




I consider my husband my soulmate! I think we must have known each other in a past life.


I have two teenage sons that constantly remind me of how uncool I am, but also how much I am loved.


I have the most adorable Corgi named Archie and he is my baby!


I've always been a lover of art, in any form I find it. Painting is like therapy to me, it makes my heart sing.


I love old things that are well worn, well used, well loved. And I hope to be all those things when I am old.